Healing doesn't happen in the environment that caused your digestive issues and gut inflammation

Healing doesn't happen in the environment that caused your digestive issues and gut inflammation

It is a fact that you cannot heal in the same environment in which you got sick.

Because the environment that broke you cannot be the environment that puts you together.

Understanding the Roots of Digestive Health Issues

Many of us endure chronic digestive problems, such as stomach issues, gut inflammation, and other related disorders, often exacerbated by our daily environments. The spaces where we live and work can significantly impact our stress levels, dietary habits, and overall well-being, contributing to the persistence of these ailments. Recognising that true healing doesn't occur within the environment that caused the pain is the first step towards recovery.

The Impact of Stress on Digestive Health

Stress is a major contributor to digestive health issues. High-stress environments can disrupt the gut's natural processes, leading to conditions like IBS, acid reflux, and gastritis. The body's stress response can slow down digestion, reduce the production of necessary stomach acids, and lead to an imbalance in gut bacteria. To start healing, it's crucial to address and minimise the sources of stress in your life. This might mean making changes in your work life, adjusting relationships, or reevaluating other daily interactions that contribute to stress.

Diet and Environmental Changes

The healing process also heavily depends on dietary adjustments. The environment where you eat can influence your food choices and eating habits. For instance, a hectic, rushed environment may lead to quick, unhealthy food choices and overeating, while a calm, pleasant dining atmosphere can encourage more mindful eating practices. Creating a supportive dietary environment means having access to healthier food options and taking the time to enjoy meals without rush or distraction.

Incorporating MOJO & MELO Organic Herbal Teas

Adding MOJO & MELO organic herbal teas to your daily routine can further enhance your digestive health. These teas are crafted with natural remedies designed to soothe, relieve, and calm the stomach and gut. Known as a cup of zen for both mind and gut, MOJO & MELO teas integrate seamlessly into any dietary regimen focused on healing and wellness. Their unique blends provide a therapeutic experience that complements the dietary and environmental adjustments recommended for digestive health.

Physical Environment Modifications

Physical changes to your environment can also promote healing. This might involve:

  • Creating a Relaxing Space: Designate a calm area in your home for eating and relaxing, away from work or other stressful activities.
  • Improving Air Quality: Use air purifiers or introduce houseplants to enhance the air quality in your home, as poor air quality can exacerbate health issues, including those related to digestion.
  • Regulating Light and Noise: Excessive noise and inappropriate lighting can increase stress levels and disrupt eating patterns. Using soft, natural lighting and reducing background noise can help create a more soothing environment.

Psychological and Social Environment

Healing from digestive issues is not just about physical space but also about the psychological and social environments:

  • Support Systems: Surround yourself with supportive friends and family who understand your health goals and encourage your recovery.
  • Professional Help: Sometimes, consulting with dietitians, therapists, or support groups can provide the external perspective and expertise needed to manage and overcome chronic digestive issues.

Implementing Routine and Ritual

Establishing a routine can significantly aid the digestive process. This includes:

  • Regular Meal Times: Eating at regular times helps regulate your body’s digestive system.
  • Mindful Eating Practices: Being mindful about what and how you eat can improve your digestion and overall relationship with food.
  • Relaxation Techniques: Practices like meditation, yoga, or even simple breathing exercises before meals can improve digestion and reduce stress.
  • Daily Herbal Tea Rituals: Integrating MOJO & MELO teas into your daily routine after meals or during breaks provides a calming ritual that supports digestive health.


Healing from digestive problems requires stepping out of the environment that contributes to these issues and creating a new one that supports your well-being. It involves a combination of managing stress, adjusting your diet, modifying your physical surroundings, seeking the right support, and incorporating therapeutic elements like MOJO & MELO teas. By making these changes, you can create a foundation for lasting digestive health and overall wellness.

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