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Michaela Lethbridge


Creative entrepreneur dedicated to driving positive change for innovative companies. With a background in sustainable fashion and over 30 years of experience in disruptive markets, I'm now on a mission to improve gut health through organic herbal teas. My journey from a health crisis to crafting natural solutions serves as a beacon of hope. A strong advocate for conscious consumerism, I bring a unique perspective from London, New York, Milan, and Prague. Passionate about nature, animals and wildlife preservation.

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David Lethbridge


Successful serial entrepreneur and experienced CEO. Co-founded, scaled, and sold Unforgettable and Confetti. Innovative and visionary consumer marketer.Classic consumer marketing at Y&R Advertising, Nestle, and Johnson & Johnson in the UK and US. Over 20 years of experience in creating, building, fundraising, and selling online and multi-channel businesses across many sectors.Specialist in mission-driven, B2C, product development, healthy aging, digital healthcare, and animal welfare.

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Phoebe and Denver


Meet Phoebe and Denver, our incredible rescue lurchers who serve as the visionaries in our lives. They're the driving force behind our determination to persevere through life's challenges, reminding us not to lose hope and to approach each day with resilience. They inspire a sense of calm as we look toward the future with optimism and belief.