Ditch Tea Dust: Elevate Your Summer Tea with MOJO & MELO's Organic Herbal Blends

Ditch Tea Dust: Elevate Your Summer Tea with MOJO & MELO's Organic Herbal Blends

You go through all the trouble of making a fresh fruit and spice tea for the summer, then add a tea dust bag, spoiling all the freshness and healthiness. Why?

🔍 The Truth About Tea Dust

Tea dust is a master of disguise, making it challenging to see what you’re actually drinking. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Lower-Grade Leaves: Tea bags with “dust” usually use lower-grade tea leaves—the remnants of whole leaves, crushed and crammed into bags.

  2. Hidden Ingredients: Some teas hide things you wouldn’t want in your cup. From artificial flavors to unwanted chemicals, the truth isn’t always on the front label.

  3. Artificial Additives: Because tea dust is on the dry side, it often requires added flavors to make it taste better, often resorting to artificial additives.

👀 What to Watch Out For in Tea Dust Bags:

  • Artificial Flavours and Colours: These can mask the poor quality of the tea dust.
  • Food Colouring: Added to make the tea look more appealing.
  • Microplastics: From the tea bags themselves, which can leach into your tea.
  • Bleach & Epichlorohydrin: Used in some tea bag materials, potentially harmful when steeped.
  • Pesticides: Residues from low-quality tea leaves.
  • Food Additives: Unnecessary fillers and enhancers.
  • Modified Corn Starch and Sweeteners: Added to improve taste.
  • Citric Acid: Often used as a preservative.

✅ Why MOJO & MELO Loose-Herb and Spice Tea Truly Stands Out

  1. Transparency: Our large pyramid tea bags are packed with whole pieces of herbs and tea buds. No hidden ingredients, just pure, natural goodness.

  2. No Crushing or Squeezing: We believe in complete transparency. Our ingredients are whole and visible, ensuring you know exactly what you’re brewing.

  3. Natural Flavour: MOJO & MELO loose tea is less processed, retaining more of its natural flavor and aroma. Thanks to the preservation of whole leaves, our tea contains richer, higher quality flavors.

  4. No Compromises: We stand firm against artificial additives, colourings, flavourings, and preservatives. Our teas are 100% natural.

  5. Certified Organic: Our teas are 100% organic and Soil Association certified, ensuring the highest standards of quality and sustainability. ♻️

🌟 The MOJO & MELO Difference

When you choose MOJO & MELO, you’re choosing quality, transparency, and natural flavors. Our commitment to providing premium, organic tea means you can enjoy a cup that’s not only delicious but also good for you.

👉 Make the Switch Today!

So, the next time you make your summer tea, make sure to include #MOJOandMELO teas—it will make all the difference in your tea journey. Ditch the dust and experience the true taste of nature with every sip.

Discover more at mojoandmelo.com and elevate your tea experience! 🍃🍵


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