Mojo & Melo: Championing Sustainability and Organic Excellence in Tea Production

Mojo & Melo: Championing Sustainability and Organic Excellence in Tea Production

Mojo & Melo is dedicated to more than just crafting delicious teas; we're deeply committed to sustainability, ensuring that every aspect of our production process aligns with eco-friendly practices. By choosing organic farming methods, we prioritise sustainability, benefitting the planet, animal welfare, and your health simultaneously.

🌱 Sustainable Farming: Our commitment to sustainability starts at the source. We select farming practices that minimise chemical inputs, nurture soil health, and conserve water resources. By prioritising these methods, we protect biodiversity and reduce our environmental impact, ensuring that our teas are produced with the utmost care for the Earth and its inhabitants.

🌿 Health Benefits: Beyond environmental concerns, choosing organic means prioritizing health. Our teas are produced using natural, organic methods that eliminate harmful chemicals and pesticides. This ensures that our teas are free from potentially harmful residues, promoting better health for both consumers and the environment.

♻️ Eco-Friendly Packaging: Sustainability extends to every aspect of our product, including our packaging.

  • Our tea pyramids are made from biodegradable cornstarch, ensuring they break down harmlessly in the environment.
  • The inner bag, derived from biodegradable cellulose rather than petrochemical plastic, is fully compostable. A
  • dditionally, our outer carton is crafted from 100% recyclable sustainable paperboard.

♻️ Organic Certification: We take pride in our organic certification by the Soil Association, ensuring that our teas meet rigorous standards for quality and sustainability. This certification provides our customers with confidence that they're choosing products that are not only delicious but also environmentally responsible.

With each cup, you're not just savouring exceptional herbal flavour with natural benefits—you're also contributing to a brighter, greener world. 🌍🍵

💚Join our MOJO & MELO world and give us a try. 

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