🌱 Why Not All Organic Herbal Teas Are Created Equal - Discover the Real Difference:

🌱 Why Not All Organic Herbal Teas Are Created Equal -  Discover the Real Difference:

Ever pondered the contents of your tea bag and why it sometimes falls short on taste? Let's dive into the truth!

Quality is key when it comes to tea, especially for your stomach and gut health. In this blog, we'll unravel the mysteries between tea dust and loose herbal tea, shedding light on why opting for organic herbal teas is paramount.

Tea Dust: Tea dust may appear harmless, but it's a sneaky player. Concealing lower-grade ingredients and artificial flavourings, it masks the true essence of your brew. Typically composed of leftover tea leaf remnants, crushed and compacted, tea dust brews quickly but can turn bitter if steeped too long.

Loose herb and spice Tea: Loose leaf tea reigns supreme in the realm of quality. Unlike tea dust, loose leaf tea lays bare all its ingredients, allowing you to connect with its pure essence. Renowned for its superior quality and robust flavours, loose tea undergoes minimal processing, preserving its natural benefits. With a lengthier brew time, it offers a richer, more nuanced cup of tea, favoured by enthusiasts.

At Mojo & Melo, we're dedicated to excellence. Our large pyramid tea bags contain whole pieces of herbs and tea buds, ensuring you experience the unmatched premium quality and flavour of loose-herb/spice tea with the convenience of tea bags.

✨ What's more, our teas are 100% organic and soil-associated certified, guaranteeing purity and sustainability.Choose organic herbal teas for your stomach and gut health and bid farewell to subpar tea experiences.

Say hello to the true essence of loose leaf tea with Mojo & Melo. Experience nature's goodness in every sip and embark on a journey towards holistic wellness.

🍵 Taste the difference and savour the flavor of health in every cup.


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