🌟 How I Healed My Gut: A Holistic Journey from Digestive Issues to Wellness

🌟 How I Healed My Gut: A Holistic Journey from Digestive Issues to Wellness

Hello, fellow wellness seekers! I'm Michaela, the co-founder of Mojo & Melo, a brand dedicated to promoting digestive wellness through our range of organic herbal teas. Today, I want to share my personal journey of healing from a host of digestive issues, including gastritis, GERD, acid reflux, IBS, and gut inflammation. Over four years, I discovered the secrets to holistic healing, and I'm excited to share them with you.

My Story: From Medication to Holistic Healing

For years, I battled severe digestive issues. Nexium and PPIs like Omeprazole and Lansoprazole initially acted as a band-aid, but over time, they worsened my symptoms. I suffered from terrible gastritis, burning cramps, IBS with bloating, constipation, and lime yellow stool. It became clear that medication was only barely managing my symptoms, and not healing my body at all.

I realised I needed a different approach. My body was signaling that something was off, and I had to start listening. Through extensive research and lifestyle changes, I found my path to healing. Here's how I did it.

The 15-Day Drug-Free Plan to Heal Your Gut

I’m excited to share the 15-day drug-free plan that helped me find relief from stomach pain, laryngitis, gastritis, GERD, gut inflammation, and acid reflux. This plan allowed me to reclaim my joy for food and life, and it might work for you too!

1. Track What You Eat & Drink

Start by keeping a food diary to identify and eliminate problem foods. This helps pinpoint triggers and patterns in your diet. Foods like spicy dishes, caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods often aggravate digestive issues.

2. Cut Out Acidic Foods & Drinks

Avoid foods and beverages that are high in acid, such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, and soda. These can irritate your stomach lining and exacerbate symptoms.

3. Opt for Smaller Portions

Eating smaller portions at lunch and dinner can help reduce stress on your digestive system. Try to eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly to aid digestion.

4. Stop Eating 3-4 Hours Before Bedtime

Allowing your body time to digest before lying down can prevent acid reflux and improve sleep quality. Consider having your largest meal during the day and a lighter meal in the evening.

5. Manage Stress Effectively

Stress has a significant impact on digestive health. Practice mindfulness, meditation, or yoga to keep stress levels in check. Breathing exercises and regular physical activity can also help.

6. Sleep with an Elevated Pillow

Elevating your head while sleeping can help prevent acid reflux during the night. Using a wedge pillow or propping up the head of your bed can make a big difference.

7. Drink Mojo & Melo Teas

Our teas are designed to support digestive health:

  • Stomach SOOTHE: 1-2 cups whenever you need an energy boost instead of coffee. Ingredients like ginger and peppermint can help reduce inflammation and soothe the stomach.
  • Stomach CALM: 1-2 cups for relaxation. Chamomile and fennel are known for their calming properties and can ease digestive discomfort.
  • Stomach RELIEF: 1-2 cups after your main meal. This blend includes ingredients like licorice root and slippery elm, which can coat and protect the stomach lining.

Repeat this routine for at least 15 days and let me know how it goes!

Additional Tips for Digestive Health

Hydration is Key

Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your digestive system functioning smoothly. Water helps break down food and absorb nutrients more effectively.

Incorporate Probiotics

Foods rich in probiotics, such as yogurt, kefir, and fermented vegetables, can promote a healthy gut flora. A balanced microbiome is crucial for digestive health.

Avoid Overeating

Overeating can strain your digestive system and lead to symptoms like bloating and indigestion. Listen to your body and eat until you’re satisfied, not stuffed.

Include Fiber-Rich Foods

Fiber aids in digestion and prevents constipation. Incorporate plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes into your diet.

Exercise Regularly

Regular physical activity helps maintain a healthy digestive system. Even a daily walk can improve digestion and reduce stress levels.

Junk Food and Gut Health

Let's talk about junk food. It might seem convenient, but its impact on gut health can be disastrous:

  • High Fat Content: Inflames the stomach lining.
  • Excessive Sugar: Disrupts gut bacteria.
  • Lack of Fiber: Hinders regular digestion.
  • Artificial Additives: Irritate the stomach.
  • Poor Nutrient Quality: Leaves you unsatisfied.

Next time you’re eating out, think twice about that junk food! Your gut will thank you.

Embrace a New Lifestyle

My healing involved changing my eating habits and lifestyle. I now follow a specific healthy diet and avoid foods that trigger my symptoms. I prioritise sleep, exercise, and mindfulness. I enjoy adventure day trips, explore nature, and drink our Mojo & Melo tea for moments of mindfulness and relaxation.

Join the Journey

Healing from digestive issues is a journey, and I’m here to support you. Try our Mojo & Melo teas and embrace a holistic approach to wellness. Visit us at www.mojoandmelo.com and start your journey to better gut health today!


I am not a certified doctor or nutritionist. My advice and tips are drawn from my own experiences dealing with and healing from digestive issues. It’s essential to consult your healthcare professional for personalized guidance and care. Mojo & Melo is not designed to prevent, treat, or cure any disease or medical condition.

By focusing on these steps and making mindful choices, you can improve your digestive health and overall well-being.

👉 Let’s take this journey together!

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