Unveiling the Truth: Natural vs. Artificial Flavouring in Tea

Unveiling the Truth: Natural vs. Artificial Flavouring in Tea

Do you know the difference between NATURAL and ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURING in tea? 

Natural Flavourings: To be labeled as natural flavouring in both the EU and UK, it must come entirely from natural sources. These sources include fruits, herbs, and spices, and the extraction process typically uses physical or biological methods. Natural flavourings maintain the original chemical composition found in nature and are subject to strict regulations to ensure purity. For example, if a flavor is called "natural lemon flavouring," it must contain at least 95% lemon-derived ingredients, with the remaining 5% also sourced from natural substances. This allows manufacturers to customise the flavouring for different products while meeting regulatory requirements.

Natural Type Flavourings: These are derived from natural ingredients but may not meet the 95% rule for the named ingredient. For example, "Natural Flavouring Type Mango" may contain less than 95% Mango-derived ingredients. They can still be labeled as "natural flavouring" but can't specify the fruit name unless meeting the 95/5 rule!!

Nature-Identical Flavourings: These are synthesised in a lab but have the same chemical structure as natural flavours. Despite being synthetic, they mimic natural flavours exactly. They cannot be labeled as "natural" but are simply referred to as "flavouring." They're popular for their consistent taste and cost-effectiveness.

Artificial Flavourings: These are created using synthetic chemicals not found in nature. While there's no requirement to label them as "artificial" in the EU, it's mandatory in the USA. These flavours are completely synthetic and don't mimic natural ones as precisely as nature-identical flavours.

Here at MOJO & MELO, we only use organic natural flavouring because it is derived 100% from a spice or herb. In fact, you can see them for yourself since we use  whole buds and whole pieces of spices instead of tea dust, which were crushed. We believe in the power of purity. Our organic tea recipes are crafted with only a handful of carefully chosen, high-quality ingredients. No shortcuts, no fillers.

What you see on the front of our packaging is what truly defines our tea, without any misleading marketing tricks. We stand firm on our commitment to say NO to artificial additives, colourings, flavourings, and preservatives.

💚 We're dedicated to complete transparency. Give our MOJO & MELO tea thumbs up and taste the difference.

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