💪🎄Seasonal Stress Survival How to Tackle Christmas Stress, Acid Reflux and Heartburn

💪🎄Seasonal Stress Survival How to Tackle Christmas Stress, Acid Reflux and Heartburn

Reflecting on the past, I can't recall a pre-Christmas period filled with such calm and joy. It seems like it existed before my professional journey began.

Regardless of where I worked or what role I held,
the lead-up to Christmas was consistently stressful—marked by early mornings, long work hours, minimal sleep, and unhealthy eating habits. Downtime and exercise were virtually non-existent amid the pressure to accomplish tasks, resolve year-end challenges, and attend numerous social events while maintaining a composed facade.

The stress took a toll on my stomach, leading to anxious moments and panic attacks. I found myself almost holding my breath, exacerbating anxiety. My diet suffered as a result—I either skipped meals due to time constraints or mindlessly consumed canapés and alcohol at social gatherings. Unsurprisingly, I experienced severe heartburn and acid reflux, culminating in a major health crisis that forced me to reassess my lifestyle.

It's disheartening that it took a crisis to prompt healthier living habits,
especially when there were warning signs I ignored for years. The constant excuse of not having time due to work obligations came at a significant cost. My experience serves as a cautionary tale: avoid repeating the same mistakes.

👉Here are some strategies to break the vicious cycle:

1. Avoid consuming alcohol on an empty stomach and pace yourself.
Be mindful of when and where you indulge in alcohol to prevent unnecessary strain on your stomach.

2. Maintain regular meals and healthy snacks during the festive season to avoid arriving hungry at social events.

3. Slow down and chew properly when enjoying canapés and festive foods to prevent indigestion.

4. Opt for smaller portions, eat slowly, and be conscious of your fullness to avoid overindulging.

5. Consider taking a walk rather taking a taxi back to the office, even in challenging weather conditions, for fresh air and digestion benefits.

6. For optimal digestion, avoid going to bed within three hours of your last meal. After indulging in a hearty meal, it's advisable to stay upright rather than lying down to support the digestion process.

✅ Lastly, explore
new organic, gut-friendly MOJO & MELO teas with NO NASTIES after meals or during stressful moments. These teas, crafted from real flowers, roots, and seeds, provide holistic stomach benefits.

I hope you find these insights valuable and WISHING YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS! 🎄🤶

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